Seeding 8 man Brackets

After you have fixed all of the anomalies in the 8 man brackets, you may have AutoBracket seed the brackets for you. The seeding is done according to the PowerRatings. There are two seeding methods available at this time. They are the Huskerland and the Random methods. The Huskerland methode is shown below and the Random method is self explanitory.

Step 1. On the Brackets pull down menu, select Seed Brackets as shown below.

Step 2. Select the group to be seeded, select the method, and click the Seed button as shown below.

Huskerland Seeding Method Details

First the entrants in a bracket are sorted by their Power Rating.

- Then the entrant with the highest Power Rating goes to the 1st slot.

- The entrant with the second highest Power Rating goes to the 8th slot.

- Third to 5th slot.

- Forth to 4th slot.

- If there is a bye it takes 6th slot, if not, the fifth goes to 6th slot.

- If there is a second bye it takes 3rd slot, if not the sixth goes to 3rd seed

- Seventh to 7th slot.

- Eighth to 2nd slot.